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Elevator Management System


This system provides a mechanism for your elevator maintenance company to report to you. It includes a documented monthly status report of call backs, service work etc. and scheduled meetings to evaluate their performance. The meetings allow for discussions to vent any concerns and also prepare for large scale service work to be coordinated with the building.


Online Management


We have taken our Elevator Management System and streamlined it into a user friendly online portal. Now all of your elevator needs including your service calls, meeting minutes, contractor contact information, TSSA/Safety documentation, contracts and more are only a few clicks away.


Elevating Device Audits


Our Class "A" elevator license allows us to access all areas of your elevator equipment and provides a more in depth elevator examination as allowed only by a qualified / licensed EDMA elevator mechanic.


As the hoistway and door equipment are extremely susceptible to breakdowns, we use a percentage reporting evaluation system that allows for a quick reference point to monitor and discuss your elevator equipment. 


We then proceed to inspect the other equipment including the machine room, secondary and pits. Our inspection also includes performance statistics such as door speed, operating and dwell times.


Our detailed reports are easy to understand, have a one page summary and include coloured photographs.


Maintenance Contracts, Contract Reviews & Negotiations


We offer our own Elevator Maintenance Contract that is designed to better protect the Owners interests. This Contract may be used on it’s own for a single building or as a National Contract for numerous buildings and elevators.


Reading and evaluating a Contract is hard enough, however, add to the scenario that it is written in a language you may not be familiar with that we call “Elevatoreeze”. Since we speak the language we are able to decipher the value of your existing contract and make recommendations for improvements. 


We represent many different Management companies and Owners and therefore we are able to tender your maintenance contract to qualified bidders and negotiate the best possible terms and prices. It’s like pooling your buildings into a large “Mutual Fund” to get a better return on your investment.


New Installations


Hydro? Geared? Overhead Gearless? Roped Hydro? No Machine Room? 


We assist you by making sense of all the equipment options available to you. Since we work and communicate with most of the major elevator manufactures we are able to compare the individual elevator company’s products to make sure you are getting the best equipment for your specific building. 


We prepare specifications, tender the project and assist you through to the final elevator inspection. 




Beginning with a survey of your existing equipment we make recommendations for the components to be modernized. 


A specification is then prepared and the project tendered. We stay with you through the bidding process and make recommendations for the award. At your discretion we can assist with the negotiations with the preferred contractors and prepare the contract. 


During the modernization we are there to monitor the modernization progress, confirm payments and finally to inspect each elevator.


Elevator Interior Design & Specifications


Utilizing our extensive knowledge in the elevator interior Industry we are able to provide a workable elevator interior design.


Our detailed interior specification protects you the Owner / Manager and clearly defines the work required to provide a clear understanding of the project for both the Owner and Contractor. Our specification can be coordinated with your Architect and drawings to ensure that the design is compatible to your specific elevating equipment.


We then tender the project and review the prices and make recommendations. Once the award is made we may remain on board to review the drawings, confirm the first elevator is renovated as per the specification and finally do a complete review of all elevators.


Due Diligence Reports


Buying a new building with elevators?


We are able to perform a visual evaluation to assess the elevating equipment with or without being able to access the machine rooms and hoistways. Should we not have access to the hoistways and machine rooms we are able to do performance testing or simply ride the elevators to provide our basic evaluation of the system. Of course it is not as accurate as a full audit however it can reveal some potential issues for the purchaser. 


At your option, we could prepare a complete forecast of recommended elevator equipment upgrades or a modernization and their related budget costs for your consideration.


Main Disconnect Testing


One of the potential causes of elevator faults is the main disconnect, not normally checked by or included in an elevator maintenance contract. During our audits we check for high temperatures at the main and cab lighting disconnects and provide our findings in our report.


Budget Pricing


We all know how hectic budget time is! Just send us your elevator “Wish List” and we will prepare the required budget prices for you. The budget is reviewed at our meeting or if using our online management system.


General Elevator Consultation


Have you ever called your elevator maintenance company for advice with an elevator problem and then thought to yourself “Do they actually have MY best interests at heart”?


There are a lot of good companies and people in the elevator industry; however, nothing is better then having someone on your own team, experienced in the industry, to handle your concerns or make recommendations.

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